Forest Fire Alerts System 2.0

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Forest fire is one of the major cause of degradation of forests in our country. Precious forest resources and carbon is lost which has an impact on the flow of goods and services from the forest areas. FSI, has been alerting State Forest Departments and other registered uses of forest fire locations detected by the MODIS sensor onboard Aqua and Terra Satellites of NASA since 2004.

From 2017, FSI has also started disseminating alerts obtained from SNPP-VIIRS sensor, which has a better resolution (375 m X 375 m) compared to MODIS (1 km X 1 km). Alerts are disseminated upto Beat level in the case of 10 states namely Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Punjab, Telangana & Tripura and upto Range Level for Kerala. In case of other States/UT’s, alerts are sent upto District level in the absence of Administrative boundary information from State Forest Departments.

Registered users receive SMS and Email alerts having geo-coordinates of the fire location as well as a weblink to view it on their browser. In addition, every alert is accompanied by a feedback form, which can be filled by the user online. Registered users can now modify their profile, area option as well as delete their profile, as may be needed.

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